Born From The Stars

Established during Lockdown 3.0 Luna Celeste started out as just a hobby making close friends, family and myself herbal spell jars and self-care gifts. It was something to keep my anxious mind and hands busy, focusing on something that not only brought me joy, but hopefully put a smile on other people's faces too.


It's now flourished into something more, something I didn't even dream could become a reality. And along the way I've discovered the passion for jewellery making. Watching pieces come together and being made by my own hands is pure magic!


Within just six months, Luna Celeste has quickly turned into my little passion project and thriving small business that is still continuing to grow.

I daresay that starting up this business has helped me grow as a person too and has helped me to discover more of who I am and who I ultimately want to be. I've connected with some amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise, put myself forward for opportunities I wouldn't have before, tried my hand at projects I didn't know I had it in me to try and I've learnt so much already; it's almost unbelievable. And for all of that, I'm incredibly grateful. 


With a sprinkle of magic, a pinch of inspiration and a little nudge from a good friend, it ultimately sparked the beginning of what has been the best thing I have ever done. I truly believe this was long written in the stars.


Meet The Team



Owner & Founder

Hello! My name is Natalie, I'm 27 years old from Yorkshire. I started Tarot of the Hermit in March after being prompted by a good friend to sell my spell jars! I love crystals, witchcraft, books, and lots of coffee. Welcome to my shop, blessed be.



Office Cat / Assistant 

Hello I'm Millie! I'm a 4 year old rag doll mix who likes to sit/lay on the keyboard when people are trying to work. I also like patting pens around the floor, sitting on people's feet and I'm quite partial to a bit of catnip and a chin scratch.


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